Beaumont Ranch, Grandview Texas






 Bluebonnet Barn

The Bluebonnet Barn is a 20,000 square foot event barn that contains the Beau Monde cafe,workout facilities and four guest rooms.

The total event space in this area is 15,000 Square feet. The room has neutral gray paneled walls, a dark solid floor and a blue-sky ceiling.

In 1998, right after the Beaumonts finished the first renovation on the ranch, a series of high impact fast winds destroyed one barn on the property and removed the roof from the observatory on the main house.

This series of winds inspired the ceiling in the event area of the barn. Slides were taken of the sky around the Bluebonnet Barn. The slides were projected on the ceiling and used as outlines for the blue skies and clouds.

This event area is a favorite for elegant wedding receptions, proms and special dinners.

This barn will hold 650 people at 72" round tables.

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