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Half Circle B Catering and Beaumont Ranch form a unique alliance to service the 800 acres that comprise Beaumont Ranch. Our meals run the gamut from simple to the elaborate. We are here to help you transform your ideas into reality. Please call with your concept. 

Half Circle B Catering offers you a chance to indulge in an unforgettable dining experience. We are able to serve ten to ten thousand people at any location you desire. In addition, we provide customized themes and menus to make your event one of a kind. Our years of experience in coordinating everything from weddings to baby showers are at your disposal.

Your custom tailored menu will be prepared with a personal touch from our kitchen to yours. It can be prepared over on open fire in Dutch Ovens at our authentic Chuck Wagon. One of our many specialties is a pasta bar, where sauces are prepared to each guests specifications as they watch. Hamburgers and hot dogs, melt in your mouth tenderloin, Italian, French, Texas Cowboy, and continental cuisine are all part of our repertoire. Half Circle Bs freshly prepared meals will leave your taste buds begging for more.

Chuck Wagon Meals
Revisit the old west with a meal cooked dutch oven style over an open fire and served from the back of our authenticate Chuck Wagon. The typical meal on the original cattle drives was, Beans, Cornbread or Sour Dough Biscuits with Strong Black Coffee. The cooking conditions were less than ideal. The Chuck Wagon cook or Cookie was paid twice the pay of the average cow puncher. He battled bad weather, insects, long hours, sand, mud, and even snakes. When the outfit moved, he went ahead and had a hot meal waiting for the group upon arrival. He was the barber, the banker, doctor, dentist and social director for the Cattle Drive. As todays kitchen have become the gathering place so was the Chuck Wagon. We are happy to make your experience as near to the good ol days as you want.

Hickory Smoker
When you say Texas BBQ outside the state most people think of whole cow on a spit. We use our hickory pit to cook as much as whole beef at one time. We recommend you choose your favorite cuts of beef or pork and add a turkey or a few chickens. The pit is an impressive addition to the simple BBQ meal. The smell of the wood and the juices is inviting. Half Circle B Catering makes a great Texas BBQ.

Cook Shack
A working ranch requires hard work all the time. This hard work requires cowhands. Hardworking cowhands must be fed. Many ranches occupy thousands of acres. The Cook Shack grew from the to feed hungry men in remote locations. The cook shack, like the chuck wagon at Cattle Drives in the late 1800s, is the social hub of the ranch. The structure can be a tent, a shack, an expensive stone building or anything in between. The food is simple, hearty and satisfying.  At Beaumont Ranch, our cook shack is a complete outdoor kitchen that can be set up wherever needed.

This event was designed in late 1999. It was one of the first custom events held by the ranch and has been a favorite ever since. Dinner and entertainment are provided in the Lone Star Barn. The evening ends outside the barn with dessert and coffee served at campfires that surround the barn. Tables are set up around the fires with candles in globes or oil lamps on each table.

Grilling Party
The Terrain and the views lead anyone on the ranch to the Great Out Doors. Just like at home the BBQ is an excellent meal for al fresco dining. Our grills are large and we can cook hundreds of steaks at one time while your guests watch. Our grilling menus include fresh vegetables to thick juicy steaks. A guest favorite is the grilling party featuring an entire menu of different grilled items from appetizer to dessert. There are several locations on the ranchs 800 acres that work well for a grilling party. Whether you choose to be on the Gazebo at the Main Event Complex or on the back patio at Beaumont South your guests will enjoy the experience. The food will be cooked to taste. The interaction between cook and the guests will be an added benefit.

Mothers Day Luncheon
Family Style Meal Served in the Bluebonnet Barn. Mom receives a flower with her free meal.

Dinner for Two
We are happy to provide special meals for those special times. If 
You require a server for your meal there is a charge of $25.00 per hour with a minimum of two hours. The table will be set with floor length cloth, fine china and leaded crystal. The meal will be served by candlelight if you wish. There are a variety of available locations and rooms that are better for a romantic dinner. Ask for suggestions when you make reservations. 

Custom Buffets
Call Toll Free: 888-864-6935 or  fax to 817-866-3198 for a list of suggested buffet menus.

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