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Chuck Wagon

Chuck Wagon

Chuck Wagon

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Chuck Wagon Meals

Experience Cowboy Life
•Revisit the old west with a meal cooked Dutch oven style over an open fire and served from the back of our authenticate Chuck Wagon.

The Menu
The typical meal on the original cattle drives was: Beans, Cornbread or Sour Dough Biscuits with Strong Black Coffee. Today's menus offer more variety
•The cooking conditions were less than ideal during the Cattle drives of the late nineteenth century
•Today the experience of cooking the meal is half the fun

The Chef
• The Chuck Wagon cook or "Cookie" was paid twice the pay of the average cow puncher.
• He battled bad weather, insects, long hours, sand, mud, and even snakes.
• When the outfit moved, he went ahead and had a hot meal waiting for the group upon arrival.
• He was the barber, the banker, doctor, dentist and social director for the Cattle Drive.

Chuck Wagon Etiquette
• Language may be colorful
• Riders must stay downwind to keep dust away from the food
• No horse may be tied to the chuck wagon or hobbled too close
• No warming by the cook's fire.
• No scuffing or kicking of boots
• No cowboy uses the cooks work table for a meal
• Meals are to be eaten sitting on the ground using the lap for a table
• When dishing up food, the lid must be placed away from the dirt
• The last piece of anything should not be taken until the group has finished eating
• Any man up to refill his cup should man the coffee and yell, "Man at the pot!!"
• No one eats until "Cookie" gives his permission.
• Each cowboy must scrape his plate clean and put in the 'wreck pan".

Social Gathering Place
•As today's kitchen has become the gathering place so was the Chuck Wagon.
Step Back in Time
• We are happy to make your experience as near to the good ol' days as you want.
• The Chuck Wagon is available by reservation for any meal
• The Dutch oven set up is only available for appropriate menus.


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