Beaumont Ranch, Grandview Texas






Beaumont Ranch ZipLine Adventure

The Longest Zipline in Texas over 1,500 feet

Mandatory Orientation Class
250 lb weight limit on Zip Lines
Includes Basic Training

$10 per person plus cost of Canopy Tour

Canopy Tour
Includes Six Ziplines from 100 feet to 1,500 feet

$50 per person

For Return Visitors Only
Choose your own course

$15 per Zipline with a three line minimum

Mandatory Orientation Course

ZipLine basic training: this is low to the ground training where each participant will learn about safety and ZipLine technique. The class is required on the first visit to the Beaumont Ranch ZipLine Adventure. You will receive a ZipLine Adventure card at the end of your visit. Present this card on subsequent visits for more options when you ride the Beaumont Ranch ZipLine Adventure.

Canopy Tour

The experience includes six ZipLines from 100' to 1,500' and totals more than 2,500 feet. The course soars more than four stories in some places and features a 95' elevation drop. Views of the varied terrain on the Beaumont Ranch make for an experience like no other in the Metroplex.

When You Return

With your ZipLine Experience Card choose any three or more ZipLines for $15 per person per ZipLine or do all six for $50 per person.



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